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In Vespa a Capo Nord – Il libro

Dopo la lunga pausa invernale, l’avventura che ha ha portato me e Alessandro ai confini dell’Europa torna a far parlare di sé. E stavolta lo fa attraverso le pagine di un libro, che ci farà…

Trust your ride

You both hit the road, in different places, at different times. They drive cars, trucks; pick-ups, you drive your thumb. You still don’t know…

The day I was gonna die (and Coca Cola saved my life) – Part 2

A lightning slashes the sky and lights up the glade. A thunder makes me startle, that was near! This holds me back from eating a second load of cactus. I poke the fire, stand up and look around. The stars are blackened by huge clouds and the air is electric. Up in the sky there’s…

The day I was gonna die (and Coca Cola saved my life) – Part 1

“Who needs a tent in the desert?! It never rains there and the bonfire will keep the beasts away!”
“Well, it’s not properly a desert, it’s a semi-desertic climate…” — my friend insists.
“Yeah, yeah, I know, but anyway, what are the odds of rain tonight? I checked the forecast, it’s gonna be just fine.”

Welcome to paradise

There’s a place where rhythms are marked by the sun. Where you wake up at the first lights of the day and watch the fishermen coming back to shore after another night spent at sea. You walk on the one dusty street and watch children playing before going to school and elders raking up the…

Beyond Couchsurfing

The cool thing about Couchsurfing is that it’s totally unpredictable. You can end up being hosted in a rustic shack, sleeping on the floor, or in a mansion with 6 bathrooms and a jacuzzi… Or on a sail boat.

This 45-foot steel boat has been my…

Hitching a “raite”

If you happened to hitch a number of rides you certainly know how local people tend to react when you bring up the matter.
“Hitching here?!? Are you nuts? This is the most dangerous place in the world!” or “Don’t even bother trying, nobody is gonna pick you up here!”.
It happens all the time…

Always say yes

If there’s something I’ve learnt in my travels is: when you run across some particular, extravagant character and you’re invited to try something unexpected… always say Yes. Don’t think twice.
That’s how I ended up flying a small aircraft in Argentina, sleeping in a morgue in Chile or witnessing a tribal ceremony in the Brazilian…

Back to the origins

Latin America, a backpack and no time limit. I’ve heard this before. Hitchhiking, sail boats, Couchsurfing, strange food and the “Where you gonna sleep tonight?” tune playing in the back of my head. A thrill of euphoria runs up my spine. Crossing borders, exploring off the beaten track, laughing, falling in love with freedom again…


Dopo 3 mesi di yoga e meditazione uno ha anche bisogno di una vacanza. Fra l’altro il visto per restare in Tailandia era agli sgoccioli e dovevo cercare un’ambasciata all’estero per farne uno nuovo. Guarda caso ce n’è una vicino al confine con la Malesia… La decisione è stata facile. Lasciare Koh Phangan un po’…

A little party never killed nobody!

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