Always say yes

If there’s something I’ve learnt in my travels is: when you run across some particular, extravagant character and you’re invited to try something unexpected… always say Yes. Don’t think twice.
That’s how I ended up flying a small aircraft in Argentina, sleeping in a morgue in Chile or witnessing a tribal ceremony in the Brazilian woods.

Or you can begin volunteering at a meditation school just to give it a shot and ending up spending a year in a place that totally changed your life.
When you’re travelling and you keep your mind open, this kind of experiences will come to you all the time.

This trip just started but I already had the chance to meet interesting people along the way.

Three months ago I was hitchhiking south on the State Road 1 in northern California, planning to slowly make my way to San Francisco and visit some coastal towns. But the best plan is always no plan. So, when Juan and Tony, militaries on a leave, picked me up and offered me to go to Las Vegas with them… Guess what I said?


After all it’s just a 13-hour drive.
The next day I found myself playing at the casino for the first time (that is, loosing 20 bucks in as fast as 10 seconds), eating some Meal-Ready-To-Eat food supplied by the army


and shooting some guns in the desert.

Mexico had some interesting surprises saved up for me too. Being a vegetarian I would not expect myself eating meat, but sometimes you can allow yourself some exceptions, especially if this is on the menu.