Trust your ride

You both hit the road, in different places, at different times. They drive cars, trucks; pick-ups, you drive your thumb. You still don’t know you’re going to meet each other, but it’s written. From the time you and your driver wake up you are supposed to cross paths, somewhere, today. No matter what you two do. You can decide to stand at the side of a trafficked highway or you might choose a lonely country road. Your ride could stop for a coffee or to refuel. Maybe they forgot something at home and will turn back. Whatever the choices or sequence of events, your ride is coming. All you have to do is wait and trust, knowing that the car that will pick you up is on its way. And, of course, smile. Nobody likes sad hitchhikers.

It’s a rule: Trust Your Ride. Whenever you lose hope and think nobody will give you a lift, when you’re been waiting for hours under the sun or the rain, when hundreds of cars have passed you by. You keep trusting. Those were not YOUR ride. There’s only one car that is meant to pick you up, and it will, when the time is right.

8 years on the road, 100% success. Not a single time left stranded the whole day. That makes quite of a rule for me. Sure, sometime it took 1 minute to get a ride, other times 6 hours. As I said, it’s a matter of time. Sure, so many times I’ve lost hope and despaired, and yelled and cursed. These cars drive too fast! There’s no cars here! They drive just fine but they ignore me! Then I remember the rule. Wait, smile, trust. It’s simple. It works.

At some point your ride will pass by and will see your hitchhiking thumb, your hitchhiking smile and your undoubtedly hitchhiking backpack. You will recognize each other: that’s your ride! A vehicle pulls over, an arm sticks out of the window and waives at you. You run, open the door and take your next ride.