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Tag: hitchhiking

Trust your ride

You both hit the road, in different places, at different times. They drive cars, trucks; pick-ups, you drive your thumb. You still don’t know…

Hitching a “raite”

If you happened to hitch a number of rides you certainly know how local people tend to react when you bring up the matter.
“Hitching here?!? Are you nuts? This is the most dangerous place in the world!” or “Don’t even bother trying, nobody is gonna pick you up here!”.
It happens all the time…

Always say yes

If there’s something I’ve learnt in my travels is: when you run across some particular, extravagant character and you’re invited to try something unexpected… always say Yes. Don’t think twice.
That’s how I ended up flying a small aircraft in Argentina, sleeping in a morgue in Chile or witnessing a tribal ceremony in the Brazilian…

Back to the origins

Latin America, a backpack and no time limit. I’ve heard this before. Hitchhiking, sail boats, Couchsurfing, strange food and the “Where you gonna sleep tonight?” tune playing in the back of my head. A thrill of euphoria runs up my spine. Crossing borders, exploring off the beaten track, laughing, falling in love with freedom again…

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